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Laney is a stoneware, none waterproof mottled vase that can be styled alone or with faux florals and greenery.  Ideal for anyone looking to add to a rustic, modern country vibe.


We love:  that Laney can transition from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter.  Fresh greens and whites are a great contrast with her rustic finish and similarly the warmth from her finish compliments deeper greens and our burgundy dried effect hydrangeas.

Laney Mottled Vase

SKU: 107536TVTG
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  • 33cm

  • 21.5cm

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Please bear in mind when ordering that many of our items are designed using natural products and are hand made, hand finished and hand painted.  Products can therefore vary slightly in colour shade and shape and offer irregularities and variations that should be embraced to celebrate the craft of the artisan that made them.  Very few pieces (even the same item) are identical.

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